Like MRI does for the body,
3D Scanning technology

provides an in-depth analysis model of your building.

3D Scanning is a technology that takes building to another level, documenting “real world” specs of your building design, providing key data into 3D perspective to correct flaws and be more accurate in the design process.

The data is so precise that it helps us to have a better understanding of your building’s necessities to correct structural errors, estimate project cost and materials, predict flow and inhabitant’s future life—inside and out—to optimize project outcome. With the integration of the BIM approach, 3D Scanning helps us innovate and maximize building functionality and project management, so you save money and time. Click here to see some of our projects using 3D Scanning technology.
  • Forensic Scanning
  • 3D Scanning to Model
  • 3D Scanning to Model to Drawing
  • 3D Scanning to Drawing
  • Earthwork Calculations
  • Fabrication, Quality Control and Field Verification
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